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Interview with Gina Ferraro, On-Air Radio & TV Personality

On-air radio and television personality, Gina Ferraro returns to Dayton. Early in her career, she worked in Dayton, Ohio as the Entertainment News Reporter for the ABC/Fox affiliate in Dayton. Later, she took on multiple opportunities in Chicago on radio and television. She is back in Dayton as the new co-host of iHeart Radio’s morning show, Mix 107.7. In our interview with Dayton’s VIP, she discusses the means to survival in media - being receptive, open and having a thick skin.

Lean In Dayton: You’ve hosted popular radio and television shows in Dayton and Chicago. What sort of personality traits is necessary to thrive in this business?

Gina Ferraro: At the core, I think you have to be willing to put yourself out there. It’s always worked for me because I’m willing to share my life on the radio. Listeners seem to enjoy it most when I’m honest. Another important trait is the ability to take constructive criticism. Sometimes it can be hard to listen to, and if you don’t have thick skin and the ability to improve by receiving said criticism, it would be a very difficult career path.

Lean In Dayton: Radio and television media is a competitive field. Who or what has been instrumental in your development and success?

Gina Ferraro: There have been numerous people along the way that have taken the time to help me develop—and without them I wouldn’t have grown. The one similarity of those who have helped me through the years is that they all took a chance on me; but when you get the opportunity you have to deliver the goods!

Lean In Dayton: How have you dealt with challenges pertaining to gender in your career?

Gina Ferraro: Personally I haven’t encountered any issues that I felt associated with my gender.

Interviewed by Julene Allen

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