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Interview with Suzanne Roberts, Creator of Women Generating

"You’re not making decisions to prove yourself. You’re making decisions to know yourself."


Suzanne Roberts is the Creator of Women Generating,  a model and methodology of leadership for women promoting and supporting women owning their full power unhindered by limiting factors of social norms and what history has dictated.

Merging with the leadership coaching program,  Unifying Solutions, Women Generating is committed to creating an inclusive community and welcome all women regardless of races, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender identity, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, and political beliefs.

In a Lean In Ohio Interview, Suzanne explains how Unifying Solutions is redefining traditional styles of leadership by helping women tap into their inner strengths and unique style of leading. Another objective of her program is promoting diversity in organizations by bringing together different types of intersecting experiences in a group for training which Suzanne explains fosters unity.

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Listen to "Lean In Ohio 100 Women Interviews: (35) Suzanne Roberts, Principal of Women Generating Women" on Spreaker.

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