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Over the years I have had the pleasure of interviewing women and men who are at the center of the women's rights and human rights movements. I have also interviewed incredible women innovators in various forms of leadership from different industries. Here is a long list of many of those interviews. Thank you for reading!

  1. Interview with Numa Perrier, Actor-Writer-Filmmaker [Read]
  2. Interview with Na'ilah Amaru, political strategist and analyst, military veteran and one of three presidential nominators in 2016 for the Democratic Party [Read]
  3. Interview with Filmmaker of Invisible Warriors: African American Women in World War II [Read]
  4. Interview with Faye Childs, Founder and President of the BlackBoard African-American Bestsellers List [Read]
  5. Interview with award-winning photojournalist, Oscar B. Castillo [Read]
  6.  Interview with Nichole Dunn, President and CEO of the Women's Fund of Central Ohio [Read]
  7.  Interview with Suzanne Roberts, Creator of Women Generating and Unifying Solutions [Read]
  8. Interview with Ohio House Representative Teresa Fedor [Read]
  9. Interview with Shaili Chopra, a prolific journalist and one of India’s top television editor-presenters [Read]
  10. Interview with Julie Graber, CEO of Genderega and Managing Director and Research Chair of ION Women [Read]
  11.  Interview with Theresa Flores, Founder of TraffickFree [Read]
  12. Interview with Rhiannon Childs, Co-Chair of Women's March on Washington Ohio [Read]
  13. Interview with Alexa Dejesus, Program Coordinator for the National Women’s Political Caucus  [Read]
  14. Interview with Dionna Walker, Founder of Dionna Helping Hands [Read]
  15. Interview with Justice Yvette McGee Brown, the first African-American woman to serve as a justice of the highest court in the state of Ohio [Read]
  16. Interview with Ohio Senator Charleta Tavares [Read]
  17. ITALY: Interview with Sara Consolato Head of Communication for Refugees Welcome Italia [Read]
  18. Interview with Council Member Elizabeth Brown, Columbus Ohio [Read]
  19. LONDON: Interview with Marianne Marston, Prodigy of Late Heavyweight Champion [Read]
  20. Interview with Cathy Ponitz, Vice President of the CareSource Foundation [Read]
  21. Interview with Jackie Smith, Vice President of CareSource University at CSU [Read]
  22. Interview with Dr. Kimberly Barrett, Vice President for Multicultural Affairs and Community Engagement at Wright State University [Read]
  23.  Interview with Jenny Michael, Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications at CareSource [Read]
  24. Interview with Libby Ballengee, Founder of Venus Child Productions and President of the Dayton Ballet Barre [Read]
  25. Interview with Colleen Ryan, President of Vectren Energy, Former Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Commander [Read]
  26. Interview with Dr. Jo Blondin, President of Clark State [Read]
  27. Interview with Marva Cosby, President of Cosby Consulting Group, LLC and Retired Human Resources Executive [Read]
  28. Interview with Kelly Gray, Commercial Real Estate Professional [Read]
  29. Lyn Hogrefe, Founder, and Executive Director of Happy Hormone Cottage [Read]
  30. Interview with Jenell Ross, CEO of Bob Ross Auto Group [Read]
  31. Interview with Natalie Skilliter, Former VP of Vella Inc., Now Owner of Corner Kitchen [Read]
  32. Interview with Madeline Iseli, Vice President for Advancement Center, Sinclair Community College [Read]
  33. Interview with Shannon Isom, Executive Director of YWCA Dayton [Read]
  34. Interview with On-Air Radio & TV Personality, Gina Ferraro [Read]
  35. Interview with Hanen Alkhafaji, a Leading Software Developer [Read]
  36. Interview with Yvette DIVA Williams, Dayton's Celebrity Music Artist [Read]
  37. Interview with Rita Keller, A Widely Known Expert on CPA Management [Read]
  38. Interview with Jasmine Brown, De’Lish Cafe [Read]
  39. Interview with Three-time Emmy Award-winning Reporter Sallie Taylor [Read]
  40. Interview with Catherine Crosby, Executive Director of Dayton's Human Relations Council [Read]
  41. Interview with Dr. Joanne Li, Dean of Wright State University’s Raj Soin College of Business [Read]
  42. Interview with Founders of Brigid's Path, Executive Directors, Jill Kingston, and Deanna Murphy [Read Pt I]
  43. Interview with Founders of Brigid's Path, Executive Directors, Jill Kingston, and Deanna Murphy [Read Pt II]
  44. Interview with Former Base Commander, Colonel Cassie Barlow - Exec. Director of the Center for Workforce Development Center [Read]
  45. Interview with Peggy Llewellyn: The First Woman of Color in The World to Win a Professional Motorsports Event [Read]
  46. Interview with Mayor Nan Whaley of Dayton, Ohio [Read]
  47. Interview with Award Winning Journalist, Marsha Bonhart [Read]
  48. Interview with Edniesha Curry, Former WNBA & Europe basketball Player [Read]
  49. Interview with Dr. Rosina L. Racioppi, Ed.D, CEO of WOMEN Unlimited [Read]
  50. Interview with Kamala Lopez, Actress, Writer and Film Producer [Read]
  51. Interview with Renita Manley Garrett, Founder and Executive Director of The Arts of Humanity [Read]
  52. ITALY: Interview with Francesca Bisacco, President of The Rubens Association [Read]
  53. Interview with Oliver Percovich Founder and Executive Director of Skateistan [Read]
  54. Interview with Global Women’s Rights Activist and Artist Zainab Khan [Read]
  55. Interview with Kiley Lane Parker, Director of Raising Ms. President [Read]
  56. Interview with Jen Gurecki, CEO of Coalition Snow [Read]
  57. Interview with Pam Erickson, Founder and Executive Director, Coastal Studies For Girls [Read]
  58. Interview with Women You Should Know ® - Cofounders, Jennifer Jones and Cynthia Hornig [Read]
  59. Interview with the First and Only Woman NBA Scout, Bonnie-Jill Laflin [Read Pt. 1]
  60. Interview with the First and Only Woman NBA Scout, Bonnie-Jill Laflin [Read Pt 2]
  61. Interview with Founders of The Whole Works [Read]
  62. Interview with Deeyah Khan Award-winning Documentary Film Director and Music Producer [Read]
  63. Interview with Filmmakers, Neena Nejad and Xoel Pamos and Cast Member, Ruth Trotter  from The Price of Honor [Read]
  64. ITALY & BRAZIL: Interview with Professor Massimo Canevacci and Flavia Kremer Discussing the Bororo Culture [Read Pt 1]
  65. ITALY & BRAZIL: Interview with Professor Massimo Canevacci and Flavia Kremer Discussing the Bororo Culture [Read Pt 2]
  66. Interview with Sol A. Flores: Founding Executive Director for La Casa Norte [Read]
  67. Interview with Sylvia Puente: Executive Director of the Latino Policy Forum [Read]
  68. POLAND: Interview with Graciella Kowalczyk, An International Award Winning Pianist And Concert Soloist [Read]
  69. GREECE: Interview with Maria Chalari- International Human Rights Expert [Read Pt1]
  70. GREECE: Interview with Maria Chalari- International Human Rights Expert [Read Pt 2]
  71. GREECE: Interview with The Frown Team: Marianna Christofi, Maria Varela, Konstantinia Vafeiadou [Read]
  72. Interview with Emily Lindin for The UnSlut Project - [Read Pt 1]
  73. Interview with Emily Lindin for The UnSlut Project - [Read Pt 2]
  74. Interview with Award Winning Chicago-Israeli Filmmaker Shuli Eshel: A Pioneer in History and for Women [Read]
  75. DENMARK: Interview with Filmmaker, Berit Madsen of SEPIDEH [Read]
  76. Interview with Vanessa Crocini, Filmmaker of Get Together Girls [Read]
  77. ITALY: Interview with Carolina Buglione, an Italian Global Advocate [Read]
  78. Interview with Celebrity Photographer, Lauri Lyons for the project INSPIRATION: Portraits of Black Women Changing Our World [Read]
  79. Interview with Audra Fordin: Women Auto Know® The Woman That is Reshaping The Automobile Repair Industry [Read]
  80. Interview with Filmmakers for RICH HILL: Emmy Award Winning Documentarian and Brilliant Cinematographer [Read]
  81. Interview with Filmmakers of Be Natural: The Life and Work of Alice Guy Blaché [Read]
  82. Interview with Jodi Savitz for the film “Girl on Girl”- In the Face of Doubt: Skepticism of the Feminine Lesbian [Read]
  83. Interview with Award Winning Producer Linda Midgett of The Line Documentary [Read]
  84. Interview with Lauren Parsekian and Molly Thompson of the Documentary “Finding Kind” and Kind Campaign [Read]
  85. Interview with Zach Ingrasci and Chris Temple of the Documentary “Living On One Dollar” [Read]
  86. ITALY: Interview with Chiara Cola: A Rising, Talented Italian Digital Artist [Read]
  87. BRITAIN: Interview with Em Cooper, Film Director and Animator [Read]
  88. CHICAGO PARENT: Interview with Marvinetta Penn, Executive Director of Global Girls [Read]
  89. An American Heroine: Paula Jordan-Kelly is a Survivor in Business by all Accounts [Read]
  90. Interview with Award-Winning Speaker & Acclaimed Author Erika Gilchrist, "The Unstoppable Woman" [Read]
  91. Interview with Candidate for Illinois State Representative, District 7: Beyonca Johnson [Read]

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