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Over the years I have had the pleasure of interviewing women and men who are at the center of the women's rights and human rights movements. I have also interviewed incredible women innovators in various forms of leadership from different industries. Here is a long list of many of those interviews. Thank you for reading!

  1. Interview with Amy S. Hilliard, Founder of The Hilliard Group, Founder of Comfort Cake Co. and Former President of Fashion Fair Cosmetics [Listen]
  2. Interview with Illinois State's Attorney Kimberly Foxx [Listen]
  3. Interview with Andrea Zopp, CEO of World Business Chicago [Listen]
  4. Interview with Numa Perrier, Actor-Writer-Filmmaker [Read]
  5. Interview with Na'ilah Amaru, political strategist and analyst, military veteran and one of three presidential nominators in 2016 for the Democratic Party [Read]
  6. Interview with Filmmaker of Invisible Warriors: African American Women in World War II [Read]
  7. Interview with Faye Childs, Founder and President of the BlackBoard African-American Bestsellers List [Read]
  8. Interview with award-winning photojournalist, Oscar B. Castillo [Read]
  9.  Interview with Nichole Dunn, President and CEO of the Women's Fund of Central Ohio [Read]
  10.  Interview with Suzanne Roberts, Creator of Women Generating and Unifying Solutions [Read]
  11. Interview with Ohio House Representative Teresa Fedor [Read]
  12. Interview with Shaili Chopra, a prolific journalist and one of India’s top television editor-presenters [Read]
  13. Interview with Julie Graber, CEO of Genderega and Managing Director and Research Chair of ION Women [Read]
  14.  Interview with Theresa Flores, Founder of TraffickFree [Read]
  15. Interview with Rhiannon Childs, Co-Chair of Women's March on Washington Ohio [Read]
  16. Interview with Alexa Dejesus, Program Coordinator for the National Women’s Political Caucus  [Read]
  17. Interview with Dionna Walker, Founder of Dionna Helping Hands [Read]
  18. Interview with Justice Yvette McGee Brown, the first African-American woman to serve as a justice of the highest court in the state of Ohio [Read]
  19. Interview with Ohio Senator Charleta Tavares [Read]
  20. ITALY: Interview with Sara Consolato Head of Communication for Refugees Welcome Italia [Read]
  21. Interview with Council Member Elizabeth Brown, Columbus Ohio [Read]
  22. LONDON: Interview with Marianne Marston, Prodigy of Late Heavyweight Champion [Read]
  23. Interview with Cathy Ponitz, Vice President of the CareSource Foundation [Read]
  24. Interview with Jackie Smith, Vice President of CareSource University at CSU [Read]
  25. Interview with Dr. Kimberly Barrett, Vice President for Multicultural Affairs and Community Engagement at Wright State University [Read]
  26.  Interview with Jenny Michael, Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications at CareSource [Read]
  27. Interview with Libby Ballengee, Founder of Venus Child Productions and President of the Dayton Ballet Barre [Read]
  28. Interview with Colleen Ryan, President of Vectren Energy, Former Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Commander [Read]
  29. Interview with Dr. Jo Blondin, President of Clark State [Read]
  30. Interview with Marva Cosby, President of Cosby Consulting Group, LLC and Retired Human Resources Executive [Read]
  31. Interview with Kelly Gray, Commercial Real Estate Professional [Read]
  32. Lyn Hogrefe, Founder, and Executive Director of Happy Hormone Cottage [Read]
  33. Interview with Jenell Ross, CEO of Bob Ross Auto Group [Read]
  34. Interview with Natalie Skilliter, Former VP of Vella Inc., Now Owner of Corner Kitchen [Read]
  35. Interview with Madeline Iseli, Vice President for Advancement Center, Sinclair Community College [Read]
  36. Interview with Shannon Isom, Executive Director of YWCA Dayton [Read]
  37. Interview with On-Air Radio & TV Personality, Gina Ferraro [Read]
  38. Interview with Hanen Alkhafaji, a Leading Software Developer [Read]
  39. Interview with Yvette DIVA Williams, Dayton's Celebrity Music Artist [Read]
  40. Interview with Rita Keller, A Widely Known Expert on CPA Management [Read]
  41. Interview with Jasmine Brown, De’Lish Cafe [Read]
  42. Interview with Three-time Emmy Award-winning Reporter Sallie Taylor [Read]
  43. Interview with Catherine Crosby, Executive Director of Dayton's Human Relations Council [Read]
  44. Interview with Dr. Joanne Li, Dean of Wright State University’s Raj Soin College of Business [Read]
  45. Interview with Founders of Brigid's Path, Executive Directors, Jill Kingston, and Deanna Murphy [Read Pt I]
  46. Interview with Founders of Brigid's Path, Executive Directors, Jill Kingston, and Deanna Murphy [Read Pt II]
  47. Interview with Former Base Commander, Colonel Cassie Barlow - Exec. Director of the Center for Workforce Development Center [Read]
  48. Interview with Peggy Llewellyn: The First Woman of Color in The World to Win a Professional Motorsports Event [Read]
  49. Interview with Mayor Nan Whaley of Dayton, Ohio [Read]
  50. Interview with Award Winning Journalist, Marsha Bonhart [Read]
  51. Interview with Edniesha Curry, Former WNBA & Europe basketball Player [Read]
  52. Interview with Dr. Rosina L. Racioppi, Ed.D, CEO of WOMEN Unlimited [Read]
  53. Interview with Kamala Lopez, Actress, Writer and Film Producer [Read]
  54. Interview with Renita Manley Garrett, Founder and Executive Director of The Arts of Humanity [Read]
  55. ITALY: Interview with Francesca Bisacco, President of The Rubens Association [Read]
  56. Interview with Oliver Percovich Founder and Executive Director of Skateistan [Read]
  57. Interview with Global Women’s Rights Activist and Artist Zainab Khan [Read]
  58. Interview with Kiley Lane Parker, Director of Raising Ms. President [Read]
  59. Interview with Jen Gurecki, CEO of Coalition Snow [Read]
  60. Interview with Pam Erickson, Founder and Executive Director, Coastal Studies For Girls [Read]
  61. Interview with Women You Should Know ® - Cofounders, Jennifer Jones and Cynthia Hornig [Read]
  62. Interview with the First and Only Woman NBA Scout, Bonnie-Jill Laflin [Read Pt. 1]
  63. Interview with the First and Only Woman NBA Scout, Bonnie-Jill Laflin [Read Pt 2]
  64. Interview with Founders of The Whole Works [Read]
  65. Interview with Deeyah Khan Award-winning Documentary Film Director and Music Producer [Read]
  66. Interview with Filmmakers, Neena Nejad and Xoel Pamos and Cast Member, Ruth Trotter  from The Price of Honor [Read]
  67. ITALY & BRAZIL: Interview with Professor Massimo Canevacci and Flavia Kremer Discussing the Bororo Culture [Read Pt 1]
  68. ITALY & BRAZIL: Interview with Professor Massimo Canevacci and Flavia Kremer Discussing the Bororo Culture [Read Pt 2]
  69. Interview with Sol A. Flores: Founding Executive Director for La Casa Norte [Read]
  70. Interview with Sylvia Puente: Executive Director of the Latino Policy Forum [Read]
  71. POLAND: Interview with Graciella Kowalczyk, An International Award Winning Pianist And Concert Soloist [Read]
  72. GREECE: Interview with Maria Chalari- International Human Rights Expert [Read Pt1]
  73. GREECE: Interview with Maria Chalari- International Human Rights Expert [Read Pt 2]
  74. GREECE: Interview with The Frown Team: Marianna Christofi, Maria Varela, Konstantinia Vafeiadou [Read]
  75. Interview with Emily Lindin for The UnSlut Project - [Read Pt 1]
  76. Interview with Emily Lindin for The UnSlut Project - [Read Pt 2]
  77. Interview with Award Winning Chicago-Israeli Filmmaker Shuli Eshel: A Pioneer in History and for Women [Read]
  78. DENMARK: Interview with Filmmaker, Berit Madsen of SEPIDEH [Read]
  79. Interview with Vanessa Crocini, Filmmaker of Get Together Girls [Read]
  80. ITALY: Interview with Carolina Buglione, an Italian Global Advocate [Read]
  81. Interview with Celebrity Photographer, Lauri Lyons for the project INSPIRATION: Portraits of Black Women Changing Our World [Read]
  82. Interview with Audra Fordin: Women Auto Know® The Woman That is Reshaping The Automobile Repair Industry [Read]
  83. Interview with Filmmakers for RICH HILL: Emmy Award Winning Documentarian and Brilliant Cinematographer [Read]
  84. Interview with Filmmakers of Be Natural: The Life and Work of Alice Guy Blaché [Read]
  85. Interview with Jodi Savitz for the film “Girl on Girl”- In the Face of Doubt: Skepticism of the Feminine Lesbian [Read]
  86. Interview with Award Winning Producer Linda Midgett of The Line Documentary [Read]
  87. Interview with Lauren Parsekian and Molly Thompson of the Documentary “Finding Kind” and Kind Campaign [Read]
  88. Interview with Zach Ingrasci and Chris Temple of the Documentary “Living On One Dollar” [Read]
  89. ITALY: Interview with Chiara Cola: A Rising, Talented Italian Digital Artist [Read]
  90. BRITAIN: Interview with Em Cooper, Film Director and Animator [Read]
  91. CHICAGO PARENT: Interview with Marvinetta Penn, Executive Director of Global Girls [Read]
  92. An American Heroine: Paula Jordan-Kelly is a Survivor in Business by all Accounts [Read]
  93. Interview with Award-Winning Speaker & Acclaimed Author Erika Gilchrist, "The Unstoppable Woman" [Read]
  94. Interview with Candidate for Illinois State Representative, District 7: Beyonca Johnson [Read]

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